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Did you know? Eric Coble on ‘The Velocity of Autumn’

Did you know? Eric Coble on ‘The Velocity of Autumn’

A Triptych

Did you know that The Velocity of Autumn is the last in what playwright Eric Coble calls a triptych, or his Alexandra Plays? Coble prefers the term "triptych" to "trilogy" since his plays examine different moments in the life of one character: Alexandra, AKA Alex.

The first play in his triptych is called A Girl's Guide to Coffee. In this play, Alex is a 20-year-old, or thereabouts, barista who is trying to understand the world around her. Check out this lovely preview of the show produced by Fort Louis College's theater department:

Enjoy this preview from the Fort Lewis College's production:

The second play in Coble's triptych is called Stranded on Earth. In this installment of Alex's life, Alex is now Alexa, a painter who struggles with the fact she has become a commercial graphic designer, a mother, and wife. How does an artist's view of life transform in relation to real life choices and demands?

"In retrospect, I think our bed frame might have been the beginning of the end.
It seems possible, doesn't it, that you can tell life's journey by how portable your bed is?"

The third segment in Coble's triptych is The Velocity of Autumn. Alexa, now Alexandra, is in her 70s, and her children are ready to move her into a rest home, but she is far from ready for the move. Coble explained that in writing this play he was inspired by the experiences he had with his mother, his grandparents, and his neighbors: "Alexandra's a fiction based on about a hundred personal truths" (Coble as cited by Johnston).

Don't miss this wonderful and powerful play featuring beloved Honolulu actress Jo Pruden.

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