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The Students of ‘School of Rock’ Need Your Support!

The Students of ‘School of Rock’ Need Your Support!

Please help us reach our youth theatre goals!

“Fish were born to swim.
Birds were born to fly.
Human Beings were born to create.”

Living Stage Theatre Company
Arena Stage

HCT October 2016 Newsletter
School of Rock the Musical Youth Production rehearsal is going very well. The cast is working hard on memorizing their lines, cleaning up their blocking, and breathing life into their characters.

Last week, during Saturday's rehearsal, our cast Skyped with three of the original Broadway cast members of School of Rock the Musical:
  • Isabella Russo - Summer (currently in SOR)
  • Luca Padovan - Billy (currently in SOR)
  • Ethan Khusidman - Mason
Our cast shared a 40 minute Skype Q&A session with the three Broadway actors. Isabella, Luca, and Ethan were awesome and extremely giving. Those three young Broadway artists helped to create a memorable rehearsal for us. A big thank you goes out to all three of them. A special thanks goes out to Isabella's mom, Kristi, for leading the way in making sure that this could happen!

Needless to say, both casts ROCKED!


Please check out the official School of Rock the Musical website:

And check out the official School of Rock the Musical YouTube channel:

While you're at it, check out our
School of Rock the Musical Youth Production website:
Pictured on the Video Screen:
Luca Padovan, Isabella Russo, and Ethan Khusidman. They ROCK!
Pictured in the Foreground:
HCT's cast of School of Rock the Musical Youth Production. They ROCK too!

Erin Gaines - Photographer

School of Rock the Musical
Youth Production

Opens November 11, 2016

Get Your Tickets Now!

You may purchase your advanced tickets in person from
Cast Members
At Local outlets:


This year we have another way for you to purchase tickets!

Our online tickets have gone live!

You can purchase advanced tickets at


FYI - EACH CAST MEMBER Has a coupon code
that can be used to buy discounted tickets online.

If you know a Cast Member
and want to purchase your tickets online,
PLEASE ask the cast member for their Coupon Code.

To use the Cast Member's Coupon Code:
Simply go online to buy a ticket
After you hit the green 'CHECKOUT' button,
you will see a small box that says "Enter Code."
Put the Cast Member Code in that box and press "apply."
You will receive $2 off each ticket purchased.

Featuring students from

Front Row (L to R): Margaret McLeod, Mackenzie Franks, Callie Yavinsky, Kaile Mckeown, Kasiah Vercelli, Daria Semenova, & Makaya Kaduce
Second Row (L to R): Emma Pinkston, Kahana Heen, Alex Peer, Sean Randol, Cole Diamond (kneeling), Christian Core, Mia Odell, Carmen Swanson, & Francesca Bivens
Third Row (L to R): Emily, Hartshorn, Taylor Mielke-Suizu, Zeke Gamby, Tanner Hubbard, Kala'e Abrams (standing), Blade Kanekuni (standing), Isaac Dubey (standing), Anais Offley, Isabela Bivens, Anamika Whittingham, & Charles O'Neil
Last Row (L to R): Manu Trujillo, Melina Ventura, Jackson Gamby, Jacob Lester, Sabryn Rudinoff, Pierce Bivens, Katy Hoesel, Fiona Godsill, Trinity Kerwin, & Taj Gutierrez
Not Pictured: Noah Cabello, Mia Laver, Nai'a Lovell, Mikki Pedronan

“There’s no way you can stop
the School of Rock!”
- Dewey Finn

Click Here for "School of Rock the Musical Youth Production" Information!


We are searching for someone
who can provide low cost housing
for an intern coming from Sweden who
will be working with us between
November 2, 2016 - January 18, 2017.
Her name is Elin Wramneby.
Elin is finishing her
Bachelor of Arts at Stockholm University.

If you feel like you may be able to help,
please email us at:


Please read her letter to HCT below:

My name is Elin Wramneby, I’m 28 years old, living in Stockholm, Sweden. I am about to finish my Bachelor of Arts at Stockholm University. I have studied Cinema Studies, Children’s Culture and Literature. Within this last course we are to pursue internships at institutions related to our studies. Your theatre seems to be such an inspiring place. Children getting to experience stories and art is very close to my heart, as I myself have created film for and with children and worked with children in a pre-school setting where art is always present in different ways.

I would like to express my interest in pursuing an internship at Hawaii Children’s Theatre for ten weeks sometime around October to January. I wrote my Bachelor’s thesis on children as documentary subjects, it was called Children of Katrina - Film, trauma, children and children’s perspective in documentary film. Beyond majoring in Cinema studies I have studied Children’s Culture at The Centre for the Studies of Children ́s Culture at Stockholm University which is a unique interdisciplinary department combining psychology, art and pedagogy.

I have produced, directed and written a children’s tv-series for Swedish Television called Petra och Patienterna. Where I worked with child actors, and had a wonderful time doing so. I have also freelanced translating tv and film scripts from Swedish to English. I have directed and written a couple of short films, some for children, and music videos. And I have been responsible for the casting process for a number of short films. Beyond this I have been a substitute teacher at several pre-schools for years, and I very much enjoy working with children. For these reasons, I believe I would be an asset to your organisation.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Elin Wramneby

Please Help Support
School of Rock the Musical
Youth Production!

If you or anyone you know, high school aged or older,
would like to help with the show,
please check out the information below.

Feel free to share this information
with anyone you think would be interested:

We have:
  • Pre-production positions (now, before the show opens)
  • Production positions (during the run of the show)
  • Post-production positions (after the show closes)

Volunteer Jobs

We need people who can sew to help with costuming,
artistic people to help make props,
people to help build the set, people to paint the set,
stage crew for the run of the show, among other things.
If interested in volunteering, please click here to fill out the contact form.

Ad Contract

Please click here to buy an ad in our show program!
This is a great way to donate, plus you, your business, etc. get great publicity
as thousands of people attend the fall show.

Prize Donations

We need help with our prize donations for our lobby drawing.
If you or a business you know of has any items to donate to our drawing,
Please click here to fill out our Prize Donation form!

Set Sponsorship

We are in need of sponsorship for our set.
Please click here to fill out our Set Sponsorship form if you can help.
Every dollar helps!


Auditions & Call-backs

will be held at the
Puhi Theatrical Warehouse
during the weeks of November 14 & 21.

More information to come in the November 2016 Newsletter!

Pono Players is Hawaii Children's Theatre's Peer Educational Theatre Troupe of talented young actors who translate serious issues into non-threatening stories that address various problems facing young people on Kauai. As peer educators, they use an innovative approach to teaching that allows teens to relate to the material without feeling like they are being lectured.

Pono Players
is made possible through grants from the
Laura Jane Musser Fund
and the
Annie Sinclair Knudsen Trust.

Photos from the Pono Players' production of
Bully Survivor,
the Anti-Bullying show and workshop
designed and created by the Pono Players' cast.
Video of the Pono Players rehearsing Bully Survivor in 2012.

- Kilinoe Garcia -
HCT's Alum of the Month for October 2016!

  • If you were to describe yourself in five words, what would they be?
    Optimistic, Open-minded, Patient, Curious, Different

  • What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment over the past year and why?
    Last year in September I actually flew to Italy to begin my 10-month long exchange. I lived in a northwestern city called Genova, and I visited places like Milan, Cremona, Venice, Naples, Sarzana, Verona, Bologna, La Spezia, Rome, and Cinque Terre.
    This is definitely my biggest accomplishment ever because when I was fourteen I made the decision myself to study Italian because I wanted to go to Italy. I actually went there, and while it was definitely a challenge, I am really glad that I went.

  • What was your first experience with HCT?
    HCT is actually what started my love for theatre. Back in 2007, when I was nine-years-old, my mom suggested two random things that I could try for a summer program. I randomly chose to do the play, which was Summer Stars' Jungle Book.

  • What is one of your best memories from working with HCT?
    One of my best memories was being in the play Les Miserables back in 2013 for the Summer Stars Alumni play, directed by Ed Eaton. That was my favorite play that I ever did. I had such a great time performing with such a talented cast, and the play itself is wonderful. The emotions were powerful for both the actors and the audience. I am so grateful for that experience.

  • If you could change something in the world, what would it be?
    I would like people to be more open-minded about things and just not be afraid to grow. There is so much conflict and hate and fear in this world simply because people would rather be ignorant and remain afraid of the unknown. I believe that educating people can bring so much peace.

  • What makes you wildly happy?
    A lot of things make me wildly happy. When I'm alone and I play my favorite music, it's so therapeutic! I also love playing piano. It's my moment of escape and I can feel the music fill me.

  • What would you most like to learn and why?
    I would like to learn more about languages and cultures. There is so much to this world than what I know and I want to learn as much of it as possible.

  • What goals do you have for the next five years?
    For the next five years I hope to study at an Italian university, perfect my French that I am currently learning, and get the education necessary to become a foreign language teacher.

  • What do you feel passionate about?
    I feel passionate about Italian. It's such a musical language and I can't stop listening to it. I feel passionate about meditation and yoga because they are two beautiful practices that benefit your health physically and spiritually.

  • What big life changes have you recently experienced and what impact have they made on you?
    Living in Genova was difficult for a person like me. I have grown to love my tiny, quiet island life, so being thrown into a city life was overwhelming for me at times. It made my exchange a lot harder, but because of that I feel proud of myself for surviving until the end.

  • What are your three favorite plays or musicals?
    My three absolute favorite plays are Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, and RENT. They're depressing, which doesn't reflect my personality.

  • If you could take only three items with you to a deserted island, what would they be?
    My bag of crystals, a journal, and my exchange student jacket.

  • What is one of your favorite quotes?
    "Doubt has killed more dreams than failure ever did." This quote comes from a video by the YouTuber, Prince Ea.

    Thank you Kilinoe!

P.S. Since your favorite musical was Les Miserables, here are links to some of the many photos I took of that production:

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