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Why Kumu Kahua Theatre on Giving Tuesday?

Why Kumu Kahua Theatre on Giving Tuesday?



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What's Up With Giving Tuesday?


This morning I watched the beautiful mountains of Tennessee burn on the news - a place I spent many a vacation with my family.  Even though I wasn’t really feeling the holiday spirit just yet, the truest meaning of the season has never been more clear to me than it is today.


Honestly, I'm not much of a Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopper, but I do love the idea of Small Business Saturday and Giving Tuesday.  Those two were started to help remind all of us of the importance of remembering our communities during the holiday shopping fray.  

As we muck around in the unsteady aftermath of a difficult election season, the sad events of Ohio State University yesterday and the Brazilian soccer team's plane crash and the wild fire in Gatlinburg, Tennessee today, we here in the Kumu Kahua Theatre office find comfort and solace in our precious theatre, nestled in the heart of this little city, sharing stories with each other.  That is what it's all about - that is how we survive.


You have probably already received your donation request letter from us this season.  If you have already sent your annual donation, thank you very much!  If you have not, please consider this note from Tony Pisculli, co-founder of the Hawaii Shakespeare Festival and one of our Board Members:

Kumu Kahua is Hawaii's most important theatre, and I say that as the co-founder and producer of a "competing" theatre who has served on the boards of several other local theatre companies. For more than 45 years, Kumu has been bringing the stories of Hawaii's people to life on stage.
It's important for people to see themselves represented in the arts and media. Hawaii is a unique place that is not often captured well by national media. Film and television companies that shoot here are often content to exploit the island's natural beauty (Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean). Those actually set *in* Hawaii tend to focus on outsiders (Byrds of Paradise, Hawaii 5-0). Even moviemakers with the best of intentions stumble dramatically (Cameron Crowe's Aloha). Kumu Kahua, more than any other institution, has been dramatizing Hawaii's stories--as told by local writers, as presented by local actors. This is a critical role that no one else is serving to the same degree. Kumu produces mostly original scripts by local playwrights (as many as five new scripts per year). Over the past half-century, Kumu has participated in the creation of an absolute wealth of local dramatic literature, including plays by Ed Sakamoto, Lee Cataluna, Lois Ann Yamanaka, and many more).

Thank you, Tony.  I couldn’t have said it better myself!


If you believe in our mission and are able to support us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  If you are not able, or choose to support another worthy nonprofit, we applaud you too.  We’re here for all of you and will do our best to see that we always are.


With Warm Aloha,

Donna Blanchard

Managing Director


46th Season Winter Donation Campaign
It’s always a good time to donate to your favorite theatre. Please help us to continue to deliver the distinctive and incomparable shows you have come to expect and to grow into a leader for Hawai’is art community. Your support enables us to continue our work!

Kumu Kahua Theatre is a Hawai’i-based non-profit organization (501-C-3). Your donation is tax deductible.

Unique Classes at UHM for Local Theatre Artists

Unique Classes at UHM for Local Theatre Artists

#GivingTuesday at TAG: This year Give the Gift of Theatre!

#GivingTuesday at TAG: This year Give the Gift of Theatre!