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Coming Soon to Hawai'i's Plantation Village in Waipahu: ‘Plantation Plays’!

Coming Soon to Hawai'i's Plantation Village in Waipahu: ‘Plantation Plays’!

Coming soon to Hawai'i's Plantation Village in Waipahū...

The “Plantation Plays” Performance Marks an Exciting Partnership Between the Leeward Theatre and Hawai'i’s Plantation Village!

The Leeward Theatre is proud to announce the children’s theatre production for our 42nd Season. Plantation Plays is a series of three short works by local playwrights Kiki, Courtney Takabayashi, and Kirstyn Trombetta. The plays are site specific for weekend productions at Hawaii’s Plantation Village. The actors will also be touring during the week to area elementary schools to present the plays there. Leeward faculty member and award winning local director Ashley DeMoville will be directing the production.

This is a series of partnerships three years in the making! With the Leeward Theatre’s main stage facility closed over the next year for repairs, the Theatre has had to look beyond the four walls of the building to make productions happen. “Ever since Hawaii’s Plantation Village board president Deanna Espinas participated in our 2014 production The Waipahu Project we have been trying to get one of our performances to their location.” says Leeward Theatre Manager Kemuel DeMoville. “They have such a beautiful and evocative space that it just cries out for live performance. It’s taken a lot of hard work and trust on everyone’s part, but it’s extremely satisfying to see this partnership production finally coming together.”

About the Three Newly Commissioned Plays:

All three of these plays have been commissioned by the Leeward Theatre to premiere at Hawaii’s Plantation Village. Each play is site specific – meaning that the playwright wrote the play to be performed at a particular area or space at Hawai'i’s Plantation Village.
Lost Boy by Kiki – When Boy wanders off alone while playing the newest mobile game called Flora & Flumes, he finds himself transported to a different world- an early 1900's Hawaii Plantation.  Boy ends up on a wild adventure with 8 year old Ito, who teaches Boy that the best games are played with real friends.
Jan Shoda and the Case of the Missing Chicken by Courtney Takabayashi – Jan Shoda is a precocious 10-year old Japanese girl living on the plantation with her family. One day, her beloved pet chicken, Koke-san goes missing. Jan spends the day looking for clues, interrogating her neighbors, and learning about different cultures in order to solve the Case of the Missing Chicken.
Saudade by Kirstyn Trombetta – In the Portuguese camp, Lizzie and her little brother Reese find a seemingly worthless, dusty old box. News of the discovery travels throughout the camp, leading people to believe it contains some extra fortune and they become very interested in the object. The siblings realize they have a responsibility to return the box to its rightful owner and learn that some things are irreplaceable.

About The Leeward Theatre:

Our ultimate goal here at The Leeward Theatre is to build community through live performance. The more of our community that is allowed to access our events the more likely it is for young people and other individuals to take action to improve their community. Creativity is life affirming – no matter the quality or value of what was created. It is a step toward life; toward adding something to the world that did not exist before. The Leeward Theatre exists as a place where creativity is practiced on a daily basis – where students, community members, and trained artists can engage with and empower one another. This is not just a building on a college campus - it is living breathing extension of the community. It is a place that has the power to inspire, the power to enlighten, and the power to educate.
The Leeward Theatre is about to undergo a major renovation thanks to the generous support of the Legislature, the Governor, and the University of Hawaii. Although we have a reduced season, we're not completely dark. Come check out the fantastic offerings we have for our 42ND Season!

About Hawai'i’s Plantation Village:

Step back in time to when ‘sugar was King’ and experience the real Hawaii. Hawaii’s Plantation Village is the perfect location for keiki, family, and all ages to explore a living history museum and botanical garden. A visit to us opens a door to a time of true hospitality and cultural sharing that sprung from Hawaii’s plantation life. Hawaii's Plantation Village is an outdoor museum telling the story of life on Hawaii's sugar plantations (circa 1850-1950). The Village includes restored buildings and replicas of plantation structures, including houses of various ethnic groups and community buildings such as the plantation store, infirmary, bathhouse and manager's office. We share the story of Hawaii's many cultures: including Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, Okinawan, Portuguese and Puerto Rican.

General Information

Show dates are February 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26, 2017 – with performances held at 10:00am and 2:00pm each day at:

Hawai'i's Plantation Village
94-695 Waipahu Street
Waipahu, HI 96797

(For Google Maps directions from wherever you are, click here.)

Ticket Information

$5.00 General Admission
No Discounts Offered

Available for purchase through the Hawai'i's Plantation Village by email or phone at: hpv.waipahu@hawaiiantel.net, (808) 677-0110

Admission price does not include the Hawai'i's Plantation Village guided tour. Tours must be booked separately. Visitors are welcome to explore the grounds after the production on their own.

The Leeward Theatre is not handling ticket sales for this production. All ticket sales are being handled by Hawai'i's Plantation Village.

Contact Information

For information regarding tickets please contact Hawai'i's Plantation Village at (808) 677-0110, or email hpv.waipahu@hawaiiantel.net. If you have a general question for The Leeward Theatre, please contact us by phone or email at: (808) 455-0380, LTheatre@hawaii.edu

‘Plantation Plays’ by The Leeward Theatre

‘Plantation Plays’ by The Leeward Theatre

The Leeward Theatre Presents ‘Plantation Plays’ at Hawaii's Plantation Village

The Leeward Theatre Presents ‘Plantation Plays’ at Hawaii's Plantation Village