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This Weekend Only: ‘Power & Folly (Japanese Satire)’ and ‘'Night Mother’

This Weekend Only: ‘Power & Folly (Japanese Satire)’ and ‘'Night Mother’

FRI/SAT APRIL 21 & 22 AT 7:30 P.M.
Matinée SAT APRIL 22 at 2:00 P.M.
LOCATION: Bakken Auditorium, Mid-Pacific Institute, Honolulu

Audiences LOVED this show opening weekend - 
ONLY 3 MORE CHANCES to see it!

Presented by UHM Department of Theatre + Dance. Populated by wily servants, self-important lords, larger than life mountain ascetics, city slickers, and country bumpkins, this Japanese medieval comic form is as accessible to 21st century global audiences as it has been to Japanese crowds for 600 years. While comedy brings much needed laughter into our lives, it has also long been a gentle yet effective way of delivering political and social criticism. This production will stage a wide array of kyogen plays, from classical to newly written, including a “Hawai’i kyogen” that will leave you laughing – and thinking – about some important current issues facing us today.

TICKETS: $8-$25

Tickets are on sale online at etickethawaii.com, by phone at 944.2697, at Campus Center, at Stan Sheriff Box Office, and at the Kennedy Theatre Box Office 10:00am-1:00pm M-F this week.

Free pre-show chat: Saturday, April 2nd at 6:45pm


This week only - Wednesday through Saturday

WED-SAT APRIL 19, 20 at 9:00pm &  21, 22 at 11:00pm
Location: Kennedy Theatre Studio S
*For mature audiences only.

Playwright Marsha Norman explains: “The things we women know best have not been perceived to be of critical value to society. The mother-daughter relationship is a perfect example of that.” ‘Night, Mother is a story about a mother and her daughter and about taking control of one’s life in the face of isolation and despair. The play opens on just another Saturday night in the home of Jessie and Thelma. Faced with the perception that her life no longer has significant meaning, Jessie has decided to kill herself and makes her intentions clear to her mother, Thelma. Will Thelma be able to dissuade her or will Jessie seal her own fate?

TICKETS: $5-$10

Sold at the Kennedy Theatre Box Office starting one hour before curtain.

MVT: Aloha 'Oe, and Welcome

MVT: Aloha 'Oe, and Welcome

Mid-Pacific School of the Arts Presents ‘The Illusion’

Mid-Pacific School of the Arts Presents ‘The Illusion’