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HTS Issue 244: Once More With Feeling

HTS Issue 244: Once More With Feeling

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Aloha everyone, and Happy New Year! Welcome to Issue 244 of Hitting the Stage.

With the start of the new year, we have a couple of reviews for you. Hester Lewellen has returned, and quickly set off to see what Hawaii's vibrant theatre community had cooked up! Among her stops was HTY's Tenney Theatre, where she saw The Red Balloon and wrote about her experience here! Ryan Okinaka, while being the Sound Designer for Kumu Kahua's upcoming production Living Room, was able to come out to Manoa and experience Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery, and has written his share of the night here

The year is off to a great start theatrically, and don't forget that TAG- The Actor's Group at The Brad Powell Theatre has Money Talks: But What the Hell is it Saying? running until January 21! Tickets are going fast, check out availability and information on the production at their website

Now that I got the official part out of the way, I'd like to address everyone personally.

This past Fall/Winter was a bit scattered in how Hitting the Stage was run, updated, and maintained. There were a lot of notices, productions, and messages that did not get covered and communicated, and for a long time the site sat, untouched, in the dreary wet winter that Hawaii is known to have.

I am sorry. I am the Director of Hitting the Stage, and I take full responsibility. 

I especially apologize to all of our member theatres that were neglected and not shown the proper attention for their venues and productions, be it getting a reviewer to opening night or not getting their notices and releases out to the public on time. That was an extremely unprofessional three and a half months, and there is no excuse other than that I did not make Hitting the Stage my priority, but know that I intended to and have changed that.

The Hawaii State Theatre Council is graciously sponsoring Hitting the Stage's website, asking for little in return: the website is to cover their theatres' productions and issue out pertinent news related items (such as auditions, classes, press releases) on there as well. It's quite an opportunity, and a very wonderful deal-  this website has a home because of them, and for that I will always feel truly lucky to be partners with the Council. 

Hitting the Stage was founded by Troy Apostol, and when he handed me the keys to this car, I wanted to uphold what we at HTS have always believed in- having an avenue for our community to discuss theatre together. A person reacts and reviews a production, and if further conversation is needed then anyone can comment and respond to it. I believe in what Troy has left us, and want to strengthen the name Hitting the Stage as we move forward. 

Moving forward, I pledge to our member theatres, our island community, and to you, our readers, to run this site as efficiently and up to date as possible. In addition to steady access to a computer, I now can confidently say I know enough about running and updating the site that it won't have to slip any further.

Usually, there is a promise of "new things" to come in announcements like this, but I'd like to work on and maintain a return to form first. Please, come with me as we all go towards the future of our theatre community, together.

Last but not least, I'd like to thank my reviewers, who have lives and commitments of their own, yet volunteer their precious time to not only watch, but write reactions to the productions their see. Don't think that's hard? Many I've approached balk at the idea of their opinions and words being published for the world to see! So big ups to my team, who I will always champion: Cheyne Nomura, Wil Kahele, Ryan Okinaka, Tali Ariav, Clara Whippy, Laura Greaver, Malia Baloyot, Hester Lewellen, and Troy Apostol.

Thank you very much for sticking with Hitting the Stage.

Now, once more with feeling.

-Michael Donato

'Inspired' Acting Workshops at Kumu Kahua Theatre

'Inspired' Acting Workshops at Kumu Kahua Theatre

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